I can’t believe she did this to me

December 29, 2010

I love my stepmom and I know she loves me … so I’m confused about why she did this to me.

Why would she get me addicted to television again?

I don’t want to be addicted to television.  I don’t want to schedule my time around a network time slot.

Most of my life has been spent a slave to the television schedules.  But I kicked the habit.  I only watch TV shows once they are over and done with and the whole series is on DVD.  I have had my heart-broken by too many shows that I loved but never made it past their first season… too many shows that were canceled without an ending.

And I’m not so sure that the premature end to a show is worse than the shows that you love until they slowly dissolve under the pressure of too many seasons and not enough plot/character.

Here’s hoping I get over this before it all falls apart.

Jack Lord help me!



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