I blame the animated movie genre

December 31, 2010

Dana and I went to the zoo and the aquarium today.  It was adventure on a grand scale involving 4 different MUNI lines and 4 BART trains.  I’m very tired now.

The single most impressive thing from the whole day is that animated moves have invaded out thought patterns when it comes to animals more than any amount of Animal Planet could ever over come.

Lemurs!  My favorite…  just think Madagascar.  Well it’s not MY first thought but that’s because I’m old and I remember the Lemur Island from the Sacramento Zoo of my youth.

Between The Lion King and Madagascar with a touch of Kung Fu Panda… most of the animals in the zoo were covered.

At least species recognition was good.  If not actual locations and behaviors.

But the bears we loved even more not because of the movies but because we are Bears ourselves… California Golden Bears of the UC Berkeley variety but we liked these Grizzly ladies a lot because they are just so FUZZY!!!

Oh and the snow leopard really did want to eat us for lunch.  The kids next to us confirmed it…

The tiger was more majestic and a lot less “I want to EAT YOU!!!”…  Don’t you think?

And on top of all the awesomeness?  There was an octopus statue in the lion fountain!!!

Going to the California Academy of Science and the Steinhart Aquarium was just a bonus.

I had a great day today… how was yours?



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