pretty and forever

January 31, 2011

I’m excited about the new Year of the Rabbit stamps from the post office.  They feature kumquats.  How cool is that?

As an added bonus they are forever stamps so even if they increase the price of  stamp, I can still use them.  Which is good since I bought a lot.  Did I mention that I think they are pretty?

I think the enjoyment I get from stamps might be linked to my love of stickers in my youth.  Ah nostalgia…  you just can’t get a way from it.



dressing for the weekend

January 29, 2011

As I was dressing this morning and packing for tomorrow I realized that if I ever want to wear jeans again I need to wear them on the weekend.  While I know that I work in a casual work atmosphere I try very hard to always present a professional appearance these days because I never know who I’m going to find in my next meeting.  And I want to look professional if I am across the table from a Vice Chancellor or Dean or Director.

Once upon a time I went to work in over large sweaters and flannel pajama pants.  I am not that person anymore.  I am also not the person who goes to work in v-necks sweaters, yoga pants and flip-flops.

I like the feeling I get from a professional appearance.

So while I’m still working on my personal style, I know that jeans in the office aren’t exactly what I’m going for.  So if I want to wear them… it’s got to be on the weekend.

So here’s wishing you prime rib steaks and crispy fried ravioli from the homelands of Sacramento.  I raise a glass of Zin to you all.


Not what I normally do

January 28, 2011

There was a girl on Telegraph today with a sign that said “All I can say is Please and Thank you” and I’m not sure if it was because my week has sucked so bad or if I was thinking about the warm, good person vibe that Renee has that I occasionally covet, or maybe I’m just not as mean as I think I am but I gave her something.

I had cash but I wasn’t going to give anyone money.  I’m still me, no matter what is going on in my life at the moment.

But I would get a gift card to some food establishment.  I thought about Subway but I didn’t think it would go far enough… cover enough meals, Soup Co… warm but no.  Finally I went with Noah’s bagels.

Lots of calories, plain bagels aren’t all that expensive, they have coffee and other drinks… I liked my choice.

On my way back from an errand I got the card and I gave it too her.  She was shocked and she used the card to touch the brim of her hat.  And she smiled.

I gave her a gift card and she gave me a perfect moment of grace.  I think I might have needed the grace more than she needed the food.


Going Away Party

January 27, 2011

I’m sorry but all I can focus on today is that I will miss my fiend.


I’ll be back tomorrow.


in times of stress

January 26, 2011

In times of stress it’s best to exercise… preferably cardio… most preferably cardio kickboxing.

I am absolutely capable of wallowing in whatever is going on at work for hours and hours after they stop paying me.  But there is something liberating about coming home and throwing punches for almost half an hour that allows me to let go of all of that and just enjoy being home with my hobbies and my friends and my very lovely life.

Too bad I didn’t think this whole “exercise = better mental and physical health” thing earlier.  I probably would have been much better off.  At least I know that now.

This is the woman who started me down the better living through vague violence path… Violet Zaki.

I LOVE these workouts.  About 25 minutes with a warm up and cool down.  And by the end my shoulders have lost that bungee cord tension that I so love to carry around all day.  If I only had one exercise dvd, this would be it.


And I just got this one… it’s not as good but I really do like it.  I like the 10 minute segments and it’s nice to mix the segments up and try new things.

I have other dvds that I mix and match to keep things interesting and not let my body get too used to any one program.

Never would I ever have imagined that I would work out every day.  But then, these days, I’m open to all kinds of new experiences.

Good night.

A Tribute in Chocolate

January 25, 2011

Yesterday was not fun but today I was gifted with chocolate by people who care about my day…

I don’t know how they all picked chocolate as a way to show they cared but who am I to complain about such wonderful gifts….

I got a box of chocolates from a lovely man with whom I’ve had a few phone conversations… because he was on the phone with me while I was having the very bad day yesterday.  Faith in humanity … vaguely restored.

My sandwich shop of choice thought I should have a cookie since they didn’t have my salmon salad.  How sweet?  I’m still hoping for the salmon salad tomorrow.

But the best… the most amazing present came from my friend Winnie who made me the most stunningly perfect gift.  A FLAWLESS Valrhona dark chocolate tart.

And I didn’t share with anyone!

Just brought it home and ate a slice with a glass of champagne… because that’s how I roll.

All in all… it was a lovely day filled with chocolate-y goodness.


Of Conversations

January 25, 2011

Clara and I had a great winding, rambling conversation tonight.  It was all over the map.  We talked about movies (Eastern Promises and The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes) and television (Hawaii Five-O and Zen), horrible commercials (please no more car commercials) and online media players (what do you mean once I start it I can’t stop), old friends and family and car troubles and so many other things. It was exactly the kind of conversation I like to have.  Something that rambles and moves around a lot, but really covers the important stuff.  A conversation that requires a lot of thought and trust between the participants.

Clara and I talked about conversation styles the last time we saw each other.  She mentioned people who can not be interrupted even to be asked to clarify something.  To me that’s not a conversation, that’s monologue-ing.  Which is fine by me, as long as I know about it in advanced.

Another kind of person is one who only has one topic of conversation.  Always the same one and it’s usually a rant of some kind.  I have moments like this from time to time but I do try to stay positive once I get the vitriol out.  Sometimes it’s really hard work but I do try.

Personally I like a more eclectic, “give and take” conversational style.  And I’m perfectly willing to pick up and put down topics of conversation as necessary.

Which is why I enjoy conversations with Clara so much.