proving reality

January 3, 2011

I was watching this 1980’s BBC spy show called Mr. Palfrey of Westminster.  And on the third disc was an episode about someone being accused of something with very shoddy evidence.  The department head actually said that it was up to the person who had been accused to PROVE their innocence.

It’s insane.  But that’s how the world works.

Someone is accused of something and it’s believed.  They have to PROVE that it’s false instead of demanding that the accuser prove the accusations.

It reminds me of an idea I read in a sci-fi book a long time ago that actually comes from Mein Kampf…. it’s the big lie theory.  A lie so bold that no one could possibly have made it up so it must be true.

How insane is that?  What does that say about us that we just believe things… especially bad things instead of finding the truth out?

It makes me sad.



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