straightening vs cleaning

January 5, 2011

My mother has a very zen house…. wide open spaces, clean all the way to the corners.  White towels, white sheets, the whole nine yards.

It seriously freaks me out.  I just can’t stay that clean … I worry about staining things enough as it is and my towels are navy blue.

I like to know where everything is and I like order but I really don’t like that sterile hospital feeling you get from too neat and clean.  Besides I have better things to do than scrub everything constantly.

But I do enjoy straightening everything, putting everything in the proper place, cleaning counters with a vinegar wash.

Today I watched a video about a 330 square foot apartment that transforms into 24 different rooms.

And suddenly I want to make changes to my apartment… well more changes than getting a new area rug.

I’m totally blaming Ally for the sudden apartment decor frenzy.

oh well… that’s life



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