What was here before…

January 8, 2011

I had lunch with Sam and Edgar today.  We went to Gordo’s Taqueria because they just opened up a new location on Telegraph Ave.

It was kind of a shock to walk by on the way back to work after the holidays and suddenly find a new burrito place where there had been nothing for ages.  Once upon a time there was a cafe there with pretty okay sandwiches but nothing compared to Cafe Panini, Musical Offerings, or Cafe Intermezzo.

But that cafe has been closed for AGES.  So when everyone asks… what used to be here… I really think the answer might as well be nothing.  I can’t even remember the name of the cafe.  Time just keeps passing.

Anyway, this new Gordo’s location is actually doing really well.  They’re doing great business.  Some of which I am sure has been caused by its sudden appearance.

And the food is good.  So that’s helps a lot.

Lunch was good.  Both Sam and Edgar loved the food they got.

Too bad the power was out for 1300 customers including everyone in my office by the time I got back from lunch.  But hey, between that and the earthquake in San Jose it really was just another day in California.  And now it’s over.  Thank goodness.



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