a day without fruit

January 9, 2011

Today was not my most productive day ever.  I’m a little bitter about that.  Today was an auction day and I went to Clar’s with an open mind.

I was too late for the coats I was thinking about… besides – let’s just be honest … a full length mink may SOUND like a good idea but so very not  practical.  I did hear that there was a tiger coat and an ocelot coat but they were seized by the government.  Like feds actually showed up and took them away.  I’m sorry but that’s just cool.  I wonder if they keep things like that in the same place they keep the ark of the covenant.

So I did get a coat and none of the art really inspired me but I found a few other things…. like these shelves and shelves of booze… because how do you NOT notice something that odd at an auction.  Cases of wine yes but selling the bar just seems a bit too insane to be real… but there they were.

Shockingly the decorative bottles of alcohol did not go for as much as the shelves with straight forward / recognizable bottles.  But everything went for a good price.  There was a LOT of bidding going on and the estimates were well meet.

One of my auction friends had a good point.  No one knows how these bottles were stores and there’s a good chance they will taste “off” for lack of a better term.  But that might just be sour grapes.  Who knows.

I just know I don’t have room for that much booze… I have blending.  And I like ALL the stuff I have as opposed to just a few bottles out of 20+.

So I didn’t get alcohol, there was a bidding war for the travel hat boxes that I didn’t want to get into, I don’t have any need to a travel alcohol set no matter how nifty it looks… really I just spent the day waiting and waiting and waiting for lot 5040.

Singer Featherweight sewing machine, model number 221-1, includes attachments and spools, in the original case and folding table.  Estimate $50-$100.

So starting bid is $25, right?  Yeah – no.  Reg had enough interesting to START the bidding at $125 and it went up to $225.  Which is fine for that machine but really a heck of a lot more than I wanted to spend.  I didn’t even place a bid.

To add insult to injury my pal Rick encouraged me to place an absentee bid in tomorrows auction for a beautiful watercolor by Stanley Huber Wood.

It’s really stunning and I kind of LOVE it… and Rick… salesman that he is… tells the woman who outbid me on my silk rug that she should get it.  Because yeah – I’d hang it on a wall and stare at it every day and she will shove it in a closet or garage or something because that’s what she DOES…. and she has more money than I do so she will win.

I placed a bid but let’s be honest… I’m not getting anything at auction this month.

So I call this day FRUITLESS!!!

Can’t win them all and all that…



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