Color Theory

January 13, 2011

Somewhere between my mother’s art history degree, grandma’s paintings, grandpa’s photographs, the art all over everyone’s homes and the fact that everyone in my family kept me supplied with the big box of Crayola and Pentel pens…. it was just inevitable that I become a color fiend.

Now I’m not as deep into color as Clara is but I can definitely tell the difference between leaf green, lime green, Kelly green and alien baby green.  Think about it… it’s a great name.  Alien baby green… you know the exact color I’m talking about.  Not exactly neon but really close with strong hits of leaf and grass-green.

It’s all kinds of hilarious how good I am with color considering that for the bulk of my life I have worn a wardrobe dominated by black.

These days the color spectrum in my wardrobe hasn’t gotten that much broader… black, gray, chocolate-brown, purple and greens… maybe navy on a good day.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not aware of how good color can be for me or for others.  I have a friend who rocks turquoise like no one’s business.  Another who wore a blush sweater like no one’s business.  And let’s not get into the magic that is Ally and her scarves.

Color can make things brighter and deeper and maybe even more important.

I’m glad I can see it all.



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