I wasn’t expecting that

January 18, 2011

Last night I finally got around to making a packet of Trader Joe’s Harvest Grain Blend – a mix of Israeli couscous, along with red and green orzo, split dried garbanzo beans, and red quinoa.  I had it in the cupboard for ages but never got around to making it until I felt the need to use it last night…. well honestly I was looking for my green split peas but I never found them.

I sort of made it according to the directions, using turkey broth and butter.  At the end I added in a package of tails off / pre-cooked shrimp that I had in the freezer.

I thought it might be good but it was more than that… it was amazing.  I ate way too much of it tonight.

And I will absolutely be making this again.




2 Responses to “I wasn’t expecting that”

  1. Katherine Says:

    I have one of those Harvest Grain Blends aging in my cupboard, too (near the bag of split peas)so I’ll have to try this as well as one of my “too tired to cook” dinners.

    I made a killer split pea soup on Sunday. The recipe called for simmering for 1 hour, but I didn’t think it was thick enough, so I let it reduce for about 3 more hours.

    Then I had a couple of girlfriends over and we ate soup and bread and discussed such topics as how many years it takes to begin trusting a therapist, who is the real genius behind Archie Held’s fountains, and how many tons of metal a sculptor can amass without knowing it.

    • eruditeslacker Says:

      It’s not fair that you know where your split peas are and I don’t.
      The recipe I use throws in a diced potato to make it really thick… but taking your time works too.

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