I don’t think my cookbook collection is normal

January 19, 2011

Winnie and I were discussing the need to Quality Test your ingredients including that rum for the cookies / cakes.  Because you NEED to know your ingredients.  And during this discussion she told me a story about her friends at Kitchen on Fire and how it’s important to test your ingredients but not too much and especially not too much before flambeing something.

Que uproarious mirth on my part.

Then I told Winnie about my Pyromaniac’s Cookbook…. a gift from Clara because she knows me so well.

Because everyone needs a dozen or so recipes for Cherries Jubilee and everyone knows that setting food on fire is fun!

And it got me thinking about exactly how bizarre my cookbook collection is.  Especially since I tend to use recipes off the internet and not from my books.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t love and cherish my wacky books.

I have a toast cookbook.  It’s fantastic.  It goes so well with my Eggs cookbook, two bacon cookbooks, and hot chocolate cookbook.

I also have a cookbook titled the Great Big Butter Cookbook.

Because anything worth doing is worth doing with butter.

I have normal cookbooks too but it’s the odd ones that make me wonder about the whole collection.

And it is a collection.  I guess I should accept like everything else of mine it’s more than slightly strange.

I’m okay with that.



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