a note on fingernails

January 20, 2011

I thought about false nails this morning as I was cutting my nails back to their standard short-ish length.


FalseNails by Amasc


I thought about all the things I couldn’t do or do well if I had false nails again.  I did have them once when I was in college.  I learned to do things like typing and dialing the phone with them but they weren’t for me.  They never felt right.

The things that I wouldn’t be able to do or do as well would include cooking (a very “use your hands” activity if you do it right… especially baking) and I can’t even imaging picking up a bead or a few dozen if my nails weren’t short.  I used to play with clay and that was close to impossible with false nails…. I wonder if I should take that up again.

But the real thought I had, was how these very strong, very long nails seem to remove you from the tactile senses.  Adding a buffer between your hands and the world.

And that’s what I was thinking this morning.



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