in times of stress

January 26, 2011

In times of stress it’s best to exercise… preferably cardio… most preferably cardio kickboxing.

I am absolutely capable of wallowing in whatever is going on at work for hours and hours after they stop paying me.  But there is something liberating about coming home and throwing punches for almost half an hour that allows me to let go of all of that and just enjoy being home with my hobbies and my friends and my very lovely life.

Too bad I didn’t think this whole “exercise = better mental and physical health” thing earlier.  I probably would have been much better off.  At least I know that now.

This is the woman who started me down the better living through vague violence path… Violet Zaki.

I LOVE these workouts.  About 25 minutes with a warm up and cool down.  And by the end my shoulders have lost that bungee cord tension that I so love to carry around all day.  If I only had one exercise dvd, this would be it.


And I just got this one… it’s not as good but I really do like it.  I like the 10 minute segments and it’s nice to mix the segments up and try new things.

I have other dvds that I mix and match to keep things interesting and not let my body get too used to any one program.

Never would I ever have imagined that I would work out every day.  But then, these days, I’m open to all kinds of new experiences.

Good night.


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