Not what I normally do

January 28, 2011

There was a girl on Telegraph today with a sign that said “All I can say is Please and Thank you” and I’m not sure if it was because my week has sucked so bad or if I was thinking about the warm, good person vibe that Renee has that I occasionally covet, or maybe I’m just not as mean as I think I am but I gave her something.

I had cash but I wasn’t going to give anyone money.  I’m still me, no matter what is going on in my life at the moment.

But I would get a gift card to some food establishment.  I thought about Subway but I didn’t think it would go far enough… cover enough meals, Soup Co… warm but no.  Finally I went with Noah’s bagels.

Lots of calories, plain bagels aren’t all that expensive, they have coffee and other drinks… I liked my choice.

On my way back from an errand I got the card and I gave it too her.  She was shocked and she used the card to touch the brim of her hat.  And she smiled.

I gave her a gift card and she gave me a perfect moment of grace.  I think I might have needed the grace more than she needed the food.



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