dressing for the weekend

January 29, 2011

As I was dressing this morning and packing for tomorrow I realized that if I ever want to wear jeans again I need to wear them on the weekend.  While I know that I work in a casual work atmosphere I try very hard to always present a professional appearance these days because I never know who I’m going to find in my next meeting.  And I want to look professional if I am across the table from a Vice Chancellor or Dean or Director.

Once upon a time I went to work in over large sweaters and flannel pajama pants.  I am not that person anymore.  I am also not the person who goes to work in v-necks sweaters, yoga pants and flip-flops.

I like the feeling I get from a professional appearance.

So while I’m still working on my personal style, I know that jeans in the office aren’t exactly what I’m going for.  So if I want to wear them… it’s got to be on the weekend.

So here’s wishing you prime rib steaks and crispy fried ravioli from the homelands of Sacramento.  I raise a glass of Zin to you all.



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