past denial into acceptance

February 1, 2011

I had to throw out two rather well-loved pairs of shoes today.  It hurt emotionally but I know it was for the best.

I took both pairs into the cobbler to hopefully repair what could have been very minor or very major damage… only to be told that both pairs were not only not worth saving but most likely could not be saved at all.  They would rather not do it, than try only to produce shoddy work.

My fuzzy animal print high-heeled mules had the top section pulling up from the soles on both sides of both shoes and there wasn’t enough play to do more than glue it back down.  A short-term solution at best.  But worse than that the sole had cracked.  It could break through while I was on the stairs and I could really hurt myself.  I ask that they be disposed of on site.

And then my cute little Lexee slides… So cute and yet made so horribly.

I had a pair of the cork ones and I noticed that the heels were collapsing.  So I took them in… the cobbler asked if he could pull up the sole and I said yes.  When he lifted the liner up…. there was a disappearing / crumbling mess of foam underneath.  Yeah – trash those too.

It’s sad… I don’t care if Susan says I should just use it as an excuse to get new shoes.

I can’t replace those awesome fuzzy animal print clogs.  So it will just be second best from here on out.

But at least shoes that shouldn’t be worn aren’t taking up space in my closet anymore.



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