Begin as you plan to go…

February 3, 2011

Today was the start of Lunar New Year.  Year of the Rabbit specifically.

I love celebrating the lunar new year.  I always feel like I can actually be prepared for this event.  a fresh start almost on my terms, especially since Jan 1st just seems to sneak up on me every year.  So Lunar New Year – my fresh start holiday of choice!

So today I dressed in red to celebrate the new year.  I dressed in my black heeled boots, black leggings, black dress, red top and most importantly my red fur collared vintage coat.  I wore my big dark sunglasses and carried my giraffe print Kate Spade bag.

Renee said I looked like Jackie O.

I spent the day working and talking with people and catching up and paying attention.  I went home and grabbed my market bag and went to the Cheeseboard for butter and cheese and baguette ends.  I went to the organic farmers market.  Winnie and I went to a wine tasting.  I caught up with Renee and listened to funny stories.  Then I did my cardio and wrote this post.

I truly have begun this year the way I plan to continue.

This is my life and I really do enjoy it.

It’s a lovely feeling.



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