File under “Things I Hate to Sew”

February 13, 2011

May I never sew another curtain again.

I hate them.  Well I like them on windows but I hate sewing them.

But because I have a sewing machine I allowed myself to be talked into making them for the office.  The fabric would have cost a lot of money but I found used table clothes of a nice linen fabric that would work in size and color.  Too bad about some of the wine stains.  Hopefully draping will keep them looking alright.  If not at least I’m only out 27 dollars.  They will most likely reimbursement but if they hate them I’ll just take everything home and use the fabric as muslin for various sewing projects.

All I know right now is that I hate curtains and never want to make another set again.

Personally I buy all the curtains in my home.  And I’m going to keep on doing that.



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