Should I stay or should I go?

February 19, 2011

Yesterday I had a FANTASTIC time with Michelle at Yarn Con.

I don’t knit but I had a wonderful time.  And I am going to go to yet another bead expo with Winnie on March 5th.  And then Vintage Fashion is coming again on March 19th and I can NOT wait!

So obviously I enjoy expos, fairs and bazaars.  Which makes the fact that I’m not excited / seriously interested in going to the Quilting, Sewing, Crafting Festival that is happening next weekend kind of strange.

I sew.  There’s a quilt somewhere in my apartment that I’m working on, supposedly.  And I craft.  Quite a bit according to my friend.

So why am I not excited about this event?

Maybe it’s because I can’t find any solid information about it.  Or reviews.

Maybe it’s because it’s in SAN MATEO and not easy to get too so if I don’t know it’s going to be life altering it’s just too much of a hassle.

Then I started thinking… what do I need to sew?  A machine… I have two, Chuck and Baby.  And I’m not ready to buy a serger just yet.  And when I do it will be from St Mountain and Daughter OR from Berkeley Sewing and Vac.  Fabric – I have MORE than enough.  Patterns – I’m good to go, thanks so much.  Thread and needles – also good.

So what would I get there that I don’t already have?  What would I see that would be new and engaging?  I’m not saying it’s not worth it to other people.

But to me?  There really isn’t a compelling reason to rent a car or travel by public transit for hour and hours to go to a festival that will most likely be a lot of people selling the same things I can get at home.

I wish it were closer.  Because I’m interested… just not interested enough.



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