Why do monkeys need dishes?

February 19, 2011

Renee and I were talking about restaurant supplies and she mentioned that she missed “monkey dishes”.

She then spent a lot of time and a couple of emails getting me to understand what the heck a “monkey dish” is.  Now that I’ve actually seen and held one I can say that my best description is this:  It’s that bowl they use to serve jello in cafeteria.

So since I was at Rocket Restaurant Resource today (thanks to the amazing Michelle)… I looked around for monkey dishes.  But I didn’t see anything that looked right.  So I asked…  and was told after some searching… what size do you want?

Ummmm there are different sizes?  I didn’t know there were different sizes.

Then the sales lady said with a straight face, “Oh I’m just kidding with you.”  (I love the sales ladies at Rocket.  They are so full of win.  You should go meet them.)

She got the big box of 3 dozen monkey dishes that had arrived recently and hadn’t even been put into the system priced and then she boxed up 4 for me and wrapped them and make sure they were secure so I could give them to Renee.

Because when you can get something small and hard to find and much beloved for a friend… you should do it.

That’s how I roll.



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