Sometimes Lazy is Necessary

February 22, 2011

I didn’t cross a whole lot off my to-do list this weekend.  Even though I was off for 4 days.

And I can honestly say I don’t mind.

I have had a LOVELY weekend just relaxing and enjoying the homestead.

I made some great blueberry muffins.  Fantastic recipe.  I highly recommend it.

I watched some Columbo and some Murder She Wrote.

Sure,  I could have been productive.  I could have done more beading than just finishing that purple size 6 beaded necklace.  I could have cut more fabric or actually sewed a few things.  I could have gone out for more than Pilates and groceries.  But no… I took a full on mental health weekend and relaxed.

A few nights of fantastic sleep are worth the sense that perhaps I could have accomplished more.

I recommend more sleep.  Me and Arianna Huffington.



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