I think it’s perfect

February 25, 2011

Katherine made me leave work early and go to the movies with her today.

Thank goodness.

We went to see Black Swan at the Shattuck.

And after watching it all I can say is …. I think it’s perfect.  A flawless movie.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  Casting seemed perfect.  Acting was unbelievable.  The effects, the music, … just everything.

I love how there was so much going on that you start to second guess yourself…  wait – did I really see that or is that in my head?  And there are hints at things that may or may not be.

I went with Katherine and her friend Allegra.  And we all thought different things happened.  We disagreed on the nitty-gritty bits.  But we all agreed that it was amazing.

What an amazing experience.

I’m so glad Katherine made me go.



One Response to “I think it’s perfect”

  1. Stephen Murray Says:

    “He picked me, mommy! I’m the new swan queen!”

    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I’m glad you did too!

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