The fish was a LIE

March 4, 2011

Jenn orders boxed lunches from Stella Nonna for various department functions all the time.  I end up paying out the purchase orders and after a while I looked them up.  And one of the yelp listings I found about them talked about a Milwaukee Fish Fry… supposedly on the first Friday of the month.  and guess what?  Today is the first Friday of the month.

So Winnie and I meet up and headed over around 6:15pm.  And… nothing.  We had problems finding the place because it’s not a storefront.  We circled the place a few times and finally realized we were out of luck.  The fish was a lie.

After wandering around we finally landed at Saturn Cafe and had a fantastic meal but I’m still bummed about the fish.

I walked past the supposed location again on my way home but it was still dark and deserted.  Then right before I started the blog post I looked at their website to see if they said anything about what happened and I found this…

So now it’s the 18th huh?  Really?  I’m supposed to believe you after the mad adventure I had tonight?

I just don’t know.  I need to think about this.



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