for want of a typewriter

March 8, 2011

I was filling out forms today (and yes if I had thought it through I could have pre-filled them out in pdf form before I printed them out) and while I was filling them out I longed for the clarity of a typewriter.

Not one of those amazing vintage one’s that Clara collects but one of the vaguely modern ones that I learned to type on… with a daisy wheel and erase key.

Mom made my brother and me take typing lessons in junior high.  Smart woman.  And I must admit that I have always loved the style of typewriter one which I learned to type.

Even if I did go home and play around on one of the first home computers.  Dad always did like new gadgetry.

So I guess really, today’s desire for a typewriter was normal.  Just a knee-jerk reaction to a form that longed for the easy of completion that a typewriter could provide.

Either that or I’ve been completely struck down by nostalgia.



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