Things I didn’t know about Catholicism

March 9, 2011

So today is Ash Wednesday.  I knew that so I wasn’t surprised when I saw the people with their foreheads marked.

What surprised me was when I was talking to Maria – just to see if she needed anything or had any finance questions for me – and I asked her (since she had obviously been to church today) if she was giving up anything for lent, she told me that she wasn’t giving anything up she was “adding” something.

She was going to really work on preparing for the Bay to Breakers.  Her group is going as black swans with wings and tutus… I can’t wait to see pictures.

But the thing is that I have never hear of anyone adding something for lent.  I had always heard about people giving things up.

I love that.  I love that lent can be a time of … instead of fixing something or removing something… it can be an opportunity to increase you live and add something better to it.

What are you going to add to your life?

It’s a good question to ask.



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