When an Argentinian tells you to buy a bottle of wine…

March 11, 2011

Buy the damn bottle.

Thursday night means wine tasting at Vintage Berkeley.  And I ran into my Argentinian and Brazilian friends.  I was arriving just as they were leaving.  In the in between time we looked at wine together and when they say a bottle of Malbec from Argentina for $8…. well someone needed to buy it.

It’s from a great wine growing region… San Juan.  It’s the right grape for that region… Malbec.  I believe the word was “emblematic” which is a fantastic word.  And again… it’s $8.  So even if it sucks it’s only $8.

So I got it since they already had wine picked out.

I took it home.

I drank two glasses.

It really is amazingly good.

I recommend it.  Go buy a couple of bottles.  But leave a few for me.



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