what to do with bad lots

March 12, 2011

There was only thing in auction today that interested me.

4855 – (lot of 2) Chinese mink coat, by George Benioff Furs, professionally cleaned and stored; together with a faux cheetah coat with a J. Percy for Marvin Richards label, professionally cleaned and stored.

I only wanted the faux cheetah coat.  After talking with Winnie I really had decided that I don’t want to deal with a full fur coat.  Too heavy to wear and MUCH too heavy for my poor closet bars.  But to get one I had to get the other.

See?  I totally had to own that.  I look super cute in it.  Everyone says so.

But I had to take this home…

It doesn’t fit and even if it did… I don’t like it.  And I don’t WANT a full fur coat.  Fur collar … yes please.  But not full fur.

So I called Winnie and I asked for help.  Thank goodness for Vintage Fashion.  She’s friends with a few vendors and she things at least one of them will take it off my hands and find it a very good home.

In the end… all’s well that ends well.



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