insanity by way of milk and sugar

March 14, 2011

So on Sunday I decided to make dulce de leche from scratch.  None of that sweetened condensed milk for me.  Oh no… just whole milk, sugar, vanilla beans and baking soda.

Why yes I am insane, why do you ask?

It took FOREVER.  I must have spent at least 4 hours waiting for the milk to evaporate.  And in the end I let it go too far and it burned a bit…. but just to that point where the whole apartment smelled like toasted marshmallows.  And Rosie came over and sampled it so that I knew that it was alright.

Oh and I learned something new today.  I learned that even if you have a ton of sugar burned to the bottom of a pan just toss some baking soda in the pan, cover it in water and boil it until all the cooked on gunk comes up.  No scrubbing required.

It’s magic I tell you magic.



One Response to “insanity by way of milk and sugar”

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