bonus points for time management

March 15, 2011

So today I had an appointment to replace my temporary crown with a permanent crown.

I took the earliest appointment I could which meant the timing wasn’t that great.  9:30am.  So I went into the office, checked paperwork and email then headed out to the appointment.

And I am amazed to report that I was in the chair and talking with my dentist at 9:30am.  He told me it would take an hour and exactly an hour later I was walking out the door.  It was rather refreshing.

To top off his amazing time management skills, it turns out my dentist is a bit of a perfectionist and artist all at the same time.

We spent a good 20 minutes making the crown fit perfectly… millimeter by millimeter.  And I thought I was obsessive.  Although I will admit that this is a time that I am very happy to have someone really taking their time and making it right.

He actually asked me if I wanted Novocaine before we started or if I wanted to do without.  Um… yes pain killers please.

And then this afternoon in the middle of a two-hour meeting they started to wear off.

Um…. ow!

But all in all an excellent dental experience.  Although next time I’d really like a tiara.



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