I should probably eat a leafy green something

March 24, 2011

Today was a TOTAL food day.  I landed in Cole Valley for a while and was sent in search of a cheese shop called Say Cheese.  Cole and Carl if you were wondering.  They had a cheese called Famoso from the Azores in Portugal that tasted like a blend between cheddar and Parmesan.  So I got some of that.  Then I got some bread from La Boulange Bakery.

Instead of taking the N Judah back to BART I took the 6 Parnassus to the Ferry Building.  This lead to the shopping trip that showcased my desire to shop like a French person what with the meat and the cheese and wine… with a little bit of honey and cake…. notice the lack of vegetables.

Even when I ended up in Rockridge at Market Hall, I still didn’t get any veggies.  Bacon, sausage, tuna salad, more cheese, past and that wonderful, wonderful cake…

Seriously – Market Hall Bakery sells slices of Princess Cake.  Who does that?  I was so thrilled to see a slice of the stuff that I had to have it.  And isn’t it pretty?  The guy told me that they were usually sold out by that time of day but just my luck they sliced up an extra one today.  I smiled so much I made all the people around me smile too.

By this point I had salmon and tuna salad made with amazing quality fish, steak, corned beef / cabbage / potato sausage, garlic sausage, bacon, 3 kinds of cheese, chai spice honey (to put in steamed soy milk before bed), pasta, bread

and … oh yeah, it’s Thursday so one the way home I went to a wine tasting and brought home three bottles of red wine.

Only thing missing?

Leafy, green vegetables.

I should probably do something about that.



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