trust me and salt that sucker

March 25, 2011

So a few days ago LifeHacker sent me over to Serious Eat with the temptation of the perfect steak.

And then yesterday I got that stunning steak from Prather Ranch while I was at the Ferry Building.

Put the two together and you have dinner!

Step one – get a fantastic cut of meat.

Step two – salt it and put it in the fridge for at least 40 minutes but as long as overnight.  (I went with about 6 hours.)

Take salted, rested beef out of the fridge and get it ready for the pan… preferably cast iron, with just barely smoking olive oil coating the bottom.

Sear on both sides and then throw it in a heated oven to finish it off.

Why yes, I did eat it right off the cutting board… why do you ask?



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