a whole lot of little things

March 26, 2011

It’s been a crazy few weeks for me.  And I FULLY blame the Ides of March.  I swear Brutus is out there with a knife and while I am no Caesar… I also don’t want to get caught in that particular cross fire.

So yeah – it’s been wacky for a lot longer than I’m comfortable with but what are you going to do?  You simply buck up and carry on.  No use whining about it all.  Just do what must be done.

Curse my parents for instilling that stiff upper lip philosophy of life in me… is there even any English anywhere in our bloodline?  I think not.

Anyway – I finally got a day to just be home and deal with a ton of small (minuscule even) projects around the homestead that require attention if not a great deal of time.

Things like resorting my blank cards and clearing out the space behind my headboard, and even sewing a black fleece version of the boat-neck shirt pattern I got online.  I even managed to head out into the rainy morning and pick up a set of generic invisible zipper feet so I can finish my pencil skirt in class on Tuesday.

I also picked up the pattern for the wrap dress class I’m taking in May.

And I finally bought some of the fantastic imported wool in a textured chocolate-brown… because I can just SEE the pencil skirt when I look at that bolt of fabric.

All in all … a fantastic day of productiveness.



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