phoning it in for charity

April 2, 2011

Today was Bakesale for Japan and as someone who will most likely need apres-earthquake aid some day… I felt I HAD to donate something.  But considering that things have been more than slightly insane in my world for the last few weeks.

So I made my go-to / knee jerk / make them in my sleep but for some reason people are still impressed Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles.

Part of me feels bad for doing something that didn’t take all that much effort or energy but hey, people like them and I did make 5 dozen so… there’s that.  And I made the truffles rather big, almost golf ball sized and rolled them in very good cocoa powder.  All in all I thought they turned out very, very well.

I decided to box them in my white takeout containers from Smart and Final… but since I wanted people to see what they were getting I decided to bag the box in clear plastic goody bags and tie the top with ribbon.  Pretty, right?

They priced them at $8 a dozen and I hope they all sold.

I hope they sold everything because it’s a good cause.



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