mystery vs knowledge

April 4, 2011

Yesterday I was outside enjoying the last of the beautiful sunny day while chatting with Renee when we watching a van pull up to the drive, a man get out, open a garage door and start unloading pillows.

Both of us had seen this same event happen before on several occasions.  Renee had even seen the pillows, blankets etc be loaded into the vans.

What was going on?  Why did this man have so many pillows and blankets?  What did he do?

We could and did spin dozens of stories… but in the end I broke down.  I had to ask… excuse me sir, but WTF?

Turns out he’s a party planner kind of person and they are for rest areas or something like that.

I told him it would sound better if he told people he was a professional pillow fort designer / architect.

Still… pretty awesome and the people involved seemed very happy.

But now there is no more mystery.  The truth is now known.

Unless his story was a red herring, he was lying and it really comes down to industrial espionage and spying.

or something like that



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