everyone has one of those

April 5, 2011

Yet again Brooke is on to something over at Cheeky Kitchen…  Life NEEDS more toasted marshmallows.

I showed these pictures to Liz at work and she nodded favorably.  I said I could do that… I have a kitchen blow-torch.  Liz replied… EVERYONE has one of those.

And when I thought about it for a second I realized that yes, everyone does have one.  But I doubt that many people use it.  I don’t use mine.  I had every intention of making creme brulee … did I ever do it?  No.  Have I ever even taken it out of the box…. nope.

But I have it.  In case of blow torch emergency open box?

Maybe these cupcakes will be reason enough to get the torch out and light some stuff on fire.

My insurance is up to date.



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