kind of tired of the unnerving sounds

April 9, 2011

I will admit to enjoying (perhaps more than I should) what are considered to be bad action films.  I think they are fun.  I’m not looking for Citizen Kane.  If I was, I would buy it and watch it.  Instead I like watching popcorn action movies.  Except for that moment today, while watching Faster

And in the middle of the movie one of the cell phone of one of the characters rings.

With my ring tone.  The theme from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. At first I thought my phone was ringing but no… it was the movie.

More than a little unnerving.

Then a little while later I was putting the freshly laundered towels in the bathroom when I heard sounds coming from the apartment above me.  Sounds that seemed a cross between plumbing and construction.

Not exactly the thing you want to hear in your apartment at 10pm on a Saturday.

I just hope nothing pours or drops or anything else into or onto my bathroom… or any other part of my apartment for that matter.

I’m tired of unnerving sounds.

I want them to stop.  I want to hear happy reasurring sounds.  I don’t know what those would be but that’s what I want.



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