Does legible mean something else these days…

April 12, 2011

Part of it is probably laziness and part of it is a society dominated by computers, but I think there is a solid component of egotism in illegible handwriting these days.  Some amount of “well you know what I mean” that gives the writer free rein to be as sloppy as they want.

I spent part of my day trying to decipher names on forms.  Names written in a line above the words “please write legibly”…  maybe 10 of the 88 forms I went through were filled out “legibly”… the others didn’t even seem to think someone had to be able to figure out what the scrawl meant.

Seriously?  Did you think we asked for your name for giggles?  Just to make you work a little harder?  That if you know your name then I must know it too?

So please, if you have to fill out a form, assume just humor me and try to write it in handwriting that someone else can read.

okay? thanks.



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