I’m working on my karma

April 13, 2011

Didn’t I JUST say that I’m sick of cream cheese frosting?  I did, didn’t I?

Then why did I just promise to make 5 dozen cupcakes for a friend including 2 dozen red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting?

I’m also going to make 3 dozen vanilla cupcakes with both a vanilla buttercream and chocolate buttercream frosting.  And a few dozen mini cupcakes.

Why, oh why am I doing this?  Because Thao asked me.  And Thao is a woman who let me vent about a job I felt trapped in, who always listened and always tried to help.  A woman who has two adorable little people, one of whom is turning one this weekend.

Cupcakes are easy for me.  I don’t have distractions, I have all the needful equipment and most of the accessories.  I also have a very distraction / kid free environment so what would take Thao 4 or more hours takes me only 45 minutes.

So yes, I’m going to make cupcakes.

I don’t have to like them and I don’t have to eat them.

bonus karma points never hurt anyone



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