of sewing, stashes and closets

April 19, 2011

I’m learning to sew clothing.  It’s different from sewing bags, what with the curves and the fitting etc etc etc.  I collect patterns and fabrics.  I’m taking classes and I’m really happy with the things I have created so far but there’s a point where decisions have to be made about what to make and what to keep.  What types of clothing do I want?  What styles fit into my life?

It’s odd to think about in solid terms of closet space and lifestyle choices.  Kind of takes the whole sewing thing out of the realm of hobby and into the realm of … shopping almost.

So the stash of fabrics and the stash of patterns and my slowly developing skill set need to merge together to create a wardrobe that works with my day to day reality.

Which is a little difficult to translate.  I mean it’s a ton of variables.  And I keep picking up things like this…

Maybe in a grape or plum purple.  With simple buttons… or maybe wooden buttons.  Nothing flashy.

Great chance to practice my darts since the dress has a bit of shape from a bust dart on each side.

Argh…. I should just stick to pencil skirts until I perfect those instead of finding new patterns.

Oh well…. as hobbies go I really rather like this one.



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