Not the rats of NIHM

April 20, 2011

I finally got to catch up with Renee after over a week apart.  And after a joyous chatting session where we discussed all sorts of randomness she decided I needed to hear the most horrific true story.

Last week while she was sitting on the retaining wall in front of her apartment a rat started to climb up her back.

Allow me to type that again.  A RAT started to climb up her back.  Thankfully, despite being incapacitated by the plague-ish flu making the rounds, she was able to stand up and dislodge said rat before it entwined itself in her hair.  But still.


Oh my GOD this is not a story I want to hear when I live two buildings from Renee.  I don’t need to deal with rats on top of the raccoons and opossums.

When I think of rats I want to think of Ratatouille and that lovely Don Bluth film from the classic novel about the rats of NIHM.

Not reality.  Thanks so much.



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