the never ending laundry pile

April 21, 2011

I can’t believe I did five loads of laundry tonight.  I almost thought there would be more.  Load after load.  Sort, washer, dryer, unload, put away.  Over and over and over.

But at least this way I don’t have to do laundry over the weekend.

I used to do my weekly laundry on Fridays so I didn’t have to rush to get it done on Sunday night before the week started but I think Thursday is better.  Completely out of the scope of the weekend.

But this was just marathon laundry.  I hate marathon laundry.  But I’m glad it’s done.  I finished at 10pm and a guy was coming down the stairs with a couple of loads to get started.  I can’t image staying up any later getting laundry done.  But then again I’m not a night owl.

And now to bed.



One Response to “the never ending laundry pile”

  1. clara Says:

    Your laundry pile and my laundry pile must never meet. They might breed and take over the universe.

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