lost and found

April 30, 2011

I should be spending this time to tell you about the amazing time I had wine tasting in Alameda and Oakland.  But instead I’m going to tell you a story that will inspire you.

After spending a fantastic wine tasting that I will tell you all about on Monday I was rushing from one bus to another and in the process I lost my phone.

I rushed back to try and find it but it wasn’t anywhere on the street and no one had turned it in to any shops along the route where I lost it.

So I went home.  I was just going to call my cell phone company and report it missing but first I thought I would call my phone.

When I did, someone picked up.  He told me he found my phone on the bus.  That he was at 11th and Broadway and could I come get it from him because he didn’t have the bus fair to get back if he brought it to me.

I was about to head out for a bus when I thought about asking Will to drive me.  He was home and not busy so he acted as my chauffeur to get my phone.

We drove to 11th and Broadway but he had moved on to 18th and Foothill because his friend needed him.  He told me just what bus to take.  But I had Will so we got there and managed to meet up.  He handed me my phone and I gave him $20 because crime pays and I think honesty should pay too.

I looked at the phone log.  He made three phone calls…. 2 to people I don’t take to anymore and one to a close friend.  When I called her to see what he said she told me he was trying to get a hold of me.

The only times he used my phone where to try to find me.  No pictures taken, not personal phone calls made.

This right here is why we should continue to have faith in humanity.

Because it’s out there where we least expect it.

And I have my phone again.



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