giving and getting from the universe

May 3, 2011

So over the weekend it became very obvious that the universe was looking out for me.  Even when I was being a bit of an idiot.

Because of that I decided to start giving back to the universe at least a little bit.  Sometime I’m not the nicest person but I’d like to think that when I can help, I do.

On the bus the other day I saw a girl struggling with a bag, so I gave her one of the bag handles I always seem to have with me from my days at Williams Sonoma.

Then today when I was chatting with Renee on the square of yard in front of her building, we saw this lady looking around and I asked if she needed any help.  She was looking for an apartment.  So Renee and I talked to her and recommended a bunch of neighborhoods that would be great for her.  We talked about Berkeley and Oakland and Albany.

Then we talked about her work.  She’s a baker.  And she’s taking a certificate course at Diablo Valley College.  We had a great long conversation about cooking and kitchens and classes.  Rosie came down and joined the conversation.

We shared information with her and she shared information with us.  And we all enjoyed a great conversation.

And that’s the way my world works these days.

All kinds of wonderful things are out there … you just have to be aware of what’s going on around you.

Don’t you think?



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