for want of a pocket

May 5, 2011

I was delivering cupcakes to Clara when she asked if I had a usb drive so that she could give me some files she had been storing for me.

And honestly I do carry a set of usb drives with me at all times.  But the problem was that I was carrying a nice leather purse instead of one of my usual cloth purses and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where they were until I pulled everything out of the bag.

Clara commented that when I don’t make the bag, I can’t find anything.

This is why my business is named More Pockets.

I really need to make a professional looking bag instead of the very wacky, fun bags that I make for myself.

Because I really hate not having a pocket for everything.

Or maybe I should just stop carrying so much stuff but then I wouldn’t have a usb drive when a friend asks for one.



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