How many animal print articles of clothing are too much?

May 11, 2011

I’m not asking about how many are too many to wear at once… I’m asking how many are too many to own at any given time?

I ask because I realized this morning that I don’t own a leopard (or any other animal print) cardigan.  And given how often I wear cardigans that just seems wrong when you think about the fact that I own 4 pairs of shoes with a leopard print.  And I have a leopard faux fur swing coat.  And leopard print flannel pajamas.  And I’m not even going to count the bags and wallets in leopard, giraffe, and other animal prints.

Thinking about it this morning I suddenly realized I HAD to find a leopard print cardigan.  And then once I have that, what’s next?  Not just what’s next but how far can I let it go before I must be stopped.  At what point is it animal print hording?

I do draw the line and a real cheetah, living or dead…

I can’t even manage a domestic cat.  What would I do with a cheetah?  Also, there’s just not enough space for one to freely run around and get enough exercise.

And taxidermy just isn’t my thing.

It’s just the print that I seem obsessed with.

Hopefully it will pass before I get to the point of no return.

I hope.



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