What happened to bath beads?

May 13, 2011

I can still buy shoulder pads and I think Duran Duran actually did an in-store appearance around here in the not so distant past.

So why can’t I find those huge bath beads from the 80’s anymore?  Sure I can track down the tiny little egg shaped ones but not the big colorful spheres of bath oily goodness.  Why not?  What’s so wrong with bath oil?

If there’s a problem with it, I’d like to know.

Because it smelled good and made my skin soft and they looked pretty in decorative jars.

Once upon a time I could find them all over the place.  But now they aren’t as readily available.  Or they are cost prohibitive.  Or they are shaped like duckies or purses or other insane things that are more decorative than useful.

Did people eat them and get sick?  Is that what happened?

Maybe I’ll never know.  Maybe I should just pick up some of Sephora’s Dry Oil and spray it on after the bath.

But most likely I’ll keep up the search.  And maybe someday I’ll find the pot of bath beads at the end of the rainbow.

Stranger things have happened.



One Response to “What happened to bath beads?”

  1. Daffy Duck Says:

    I know right? You can’t find them, and if you can they’re about a buck per bead now!

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