I got all my classes!!!

May 18, 2011

Bauble and Beads schedule came out a while ago and today classes were open for registration.

I faxed my sign up sheet in before they even opened so I got all my classes!!!

I’m so excited.

For the first time all the classes I want are available in the right place at the right time!!!

Basic Stringing: Begin your journey into the world of bead stringing. Basic techniques of jewelry assembly will be taught including: choosing appropriate stringing materials, finishing techniques and design basics.Basic Wire Work: Enhance your jewelry designs with wire in this introductory wire working class.
Students will learn basic loop making techniques including simple loops, wire wrapped loops and earring construction.

Pearl Knotting: Knotting between pearls is only the beginning; make your beautiful jewelry durable, flexible and secure from lost beads. Learn to knot between beads using simple tools and traditional techniques. Choosing appropriate thread, finishing without a clasp, tying the knots and more will be covered in this class.
Illusion Necklace: Use silk and nylon to their best advantage to create this perfect necklace for any season! Light and airy, the thread is meant to show and be a big part in the design. Learn the easy way to make even and uneven spaces between the beads, while making a two-strand necklace.

I can not begin to express how excited I am!  I love learning new skills and crafts!

Let’s hear it for the modern arts and crafts movement!



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