some days, it all comes down to faith

May 19, 2011

The Third Man has been available on Netflix streaming for a while.  I love that movie.  I could watch it over and over again.

I tried to find a copy to purchase but it seems to be out of print these days.  Then I discovered that the Best Buy in Brentwood had a copy.

And so began the adventure.

I talked to the people in Brentwood and by staying calm and asking repeatedly for a possible solution we managed to come up with a plan.  After they were done with inventory, I could have the Emeryville Best Buy ask the Brentwood Best Buy to send their copy to them so that I could pick it up in Emeryville.

And after a few false starts, a lot of time and a whole lot of me not getting angry or upset… it worked.

I didn’t get a phone call but I thought it was worth calling to see if it came in.  And it had.  18 minutes on hold and a few shuffles around the walkie talkies and phones in the store and yes – they have my movie and it’s behind the counter with my name on it.  Great!

I head over after work and ask for my movie.

Only they can’t find it.

Maybe it’s not there.

Nope – really I called today and they said it was.  So can you keep looking please?

Didn’t get angry.  Didn’t yell.  And never, ever lost faith.  The movie was there.  It was just hiding.

After about 45 minutes and 5 different people looking for it… it was found.  Exactly where it was supposed to be… hiding behind a HUGE sticker with my name on it.  I kept the sticker.

Sometimes it really does all come down to faith.

Or another way to look at it is this… sometimes the universe provides.

After getting my movie I hit the Target to pick up some candy.  While checking out, the cashier mentioned that she’s been craving candy recently and she mentioned that Kit Kats were her favorite as she was scanning it.  So I reach over, opened the package and gave her one.  Because I could.

Sometime the universe gives to you and sometime you have to be the universe and give to someone else.

Particularly when it’s unexpected.

And that was today’s adventure.



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