friends, good friends and REALLY good friends

May 24, 2011

Friends help you move; good friends help you move bodies; REALLY good friends help you move an 8 foot sofa up two flights of stairs.

When I came home today I saw Heather on the side stairs.  While we were talking Will pushed a sofa out the side door.  Seems that yesterday they got a new sofa on Craigslist and it was now time to get rid of their old sofa so they could get the new one in.  And since it’s move out season and the dumpsters are out today, it was the perfect time to make the change.

Unfortunately they were changing out the dumpster on our block.  So it was kind of a shuffle of old out, new in, old sitting waiting for a dumpster.  But it turns out the timing was perfect because they were bringing the new dumpster just then AND the guys that were making sure that everything got taken care of / cleaned up actually took the old couch and feed it to the trash / dump truck.  It was awesome.  The jaws snapped the couch in half and then proceeded to EAT IT!  It was so full of win!

I figured since I was just going to work out once I got home that I might as well help and call it an upper body work out.  Then we found out that it would not fit in the elevator.  No way, no how.

Okay…. up the stairs it is.  4 short flights… 4 treacherous turns.  But somehow we did it.  It was a pain but we did it.  I don’t know how only two of us could have pulled it off.  It took three.

And I must say the new couch is awesome.  Heather totally found a steal.

Tomorrow my arms are going to hurt.  But when a really good friend is moving a sofa… you help.



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