Nothing to wear

May 27, 2011

I have to go to a fancy banquet / dinner / thing next week.  And seriously I have NOTHING to wear.  Now when the average girl thinks … I have nothing to wear… they go shopping.  Go to the mall, go online, find a store, find an outfit, go from there.

But not me.  Not this time.  Because the first thought through my head was … well I could make a nice pencil skirt and wear my awesome Fluevogs and a cashmere sweater.  Or I could see if I could actually make a dress.

The dress thing could be awesome.  I could try to, perhaps, achieve the perfect little black dress.  It could happen.  But I’m just not sure I’ll be able to pull it off.

But I know I can make a really nice pencil skirt.  So I picked up some really great Ralph Lauren black and white hounds-tooth  linen.

Black heels, black pantyhose, black and white skirt, vintage black scallop necked cashmere sweater, good jewelry.

Not super fancy but it will do and I’ll wear all the pieces again.

At least that’s the plan, for now.



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