Oh come on… really?

May 28, 2011

Saturday is errand day… so I spent the day running errands.  7:30am out the door and on my way.

And I managed to get a lot done in a great click until about noon…  when my lovely May errand running day was impacted ever so slightly by light showers.

Are you serious?  It’s the end of MAY.  Is rain really necessary?  And if it is, couldn’t we do this at night?  When I’m home and NOT running errands?

I just went through this on … was it Wednesday?  When I wore suede shoes and it rained in the middle of the day?

Fine… sprinkling I can handle.  I finished the first half of my errands, dropped stuff at home and headed back out.

Good, no rain.

I should have known better.

After the wine tasting… rain.  But this time more than sprinkling.  I did a bit of shopping in the hopes it wouldn’t last long but it kept going.  By the time I was 4 blocks from home it was pouring.

Cold and wet on Memorial Day Weekend.


Fine… be that way… at least it beats drought.



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